Moen Success story


Top Manufacturer Moen Turns to NCWorks to Meet Workforce Needs

Moen logoMoen is a top manufacturer of kitchen and bath faucets, showerheads and other fixtures used in residential and commercial settings. Headquartered in Ohio, Moen has successfully operated a facility in New Bern since 1981. Just a few short years after expanding its operations to add a 200,000-square-foot, 700+ employee staging warehouse for assembly, the company turned to NCWorks with a need for additional employees.

Moen was working against a time constraint and needed to fill more than 60 new positions immediately. The experts at NCWorks in Craven County went right to work, identifying and helping hire the necessary personnel.

Moen succes storyThe key to the task was collaboration, a hallmark of the NCWorks approach to working with employers. The local NCWorks Career Center Manager, Moen’s Human Resources Manager and the Director of Craven County Economic Development understood that a collaborative approach would best address the business needs and tap into local resources. NCWorks Craven was responsible for posting the job orders, actively promoting the open positions through social media and other engagements, and then pre-screening candidates. Screening first-round candidates is very time-consuming. By handling the initial screening of selected candidates, NCWorks ensured Moen’s qualifications were met while freeing the company’s HR staff to engage in higher-value engagement with candidates.

Craven Community College and its Volt Center were instrumental partners throughout the process and contributed to Moen’s talent acquisition efforts among students. Participants in the Volt Center’s Manufacturing Career Pathway program were encouraged to apply. Students would have the opportunity to learn about a local employer with global brand recognition and benefit from hands-on experience, at a pace suited for first-time exposure in that type of work environment.

Through collaborative efforts and strategic planning, the first of the candidates was hired within two months of the job posting. Overall, 58% of the NCWorks pre-screened applicants were eventually hired by Moen. This included jobseekers from the veteran and justice system reentry populations. The opportunity to employ a significant number of local residents for this facility expansion, in jobs with competitive salaries, served as a “win-win” for Moen and the community as a whole. At the same time, the engagement confirmed the valued role the NCWorks system plays in helping North Carolina companies find the talent they need for success.